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CAE Fall 2014

CAE Fall 2014

The evening session was called to order by President Dr. Robert Balla at 6:36PM and was closed at 8:49PM. Dr. Michelle Hack, Chief Resident at UConn introduced all of the UConn residents. The evening lecture was given by Dr. Stephen Niemczyk and the topic was "Changing Technologies & Techniques of the Modern Endodontic Practice."

II. Dr. Cabral-Burke presented the minutes from the Spring 2014 meeting which can be found on the CAE website. Motion to accept minutes accepted.


The following was covered at the Fall 2014 meeting:

  1. A minor dues increase of $25.00 was voted on and passed by 2/3rd majority. Dues went from $50.00 to $75.00.
  2. Website Committee - Thank you to Dr. Brian Amoroso for his time and work to set up our site - a new page "List of Member" has been added under members.
    Dr. Joel Chasen was appointed our liaison to Michael Lambe at Riverbridge Design to research and manage approved changes to the website. His budget is $300.00.
  3. Dr. Mark Desrosiers gave a CSDA update:
  1. He stressed how important our involvement is to our specialty. Every 10 years there is an ADA vote on the Specialty of Endodontics so getting involved on the ADA level is important to sustaining our specialty.
  2. It is also important to work with our state legislators to ensure our interests are being represented.
  3. He spoke about the Public Awareness Campaign that focuses on why it is important to be a CSDA member and why a patient should choose a CSDA dentist.
  4. He reported back about the ADA meeting and how the ADA is looking at trends in dentistry and how we respond to patients and referring doctors. There was also concern that dentists are graduating with a significant amount of debt which pushes them towards practices like Aspen & Columbia dental. No dues increase at ADA level.
  5. A question was raised about whether there was any concern about all of the new dental schools opening up. Dr. Desrosiers replied that we have no control over how many dental schools open up but they do have to go through accreditation process so it is important for us to stay involved.
  6. Dr. MacDonnell has an affidavit that he can now come to dental offices for sedation. The law set forth by the Department of Public Health is very old and is being interpreted differently by different people. CSDA is working on this issue as we are walking a fine line as the law stands now.
  7. CT MOM was held April 25 & 26 at the XL Center in Hartford. This was the 7th MOM. 117 Endodontic procedures were carried out by Endodontists, General Dentists and residents. The value of the donated service overall was almost 1.6 million dollars. Please save the date for the next year as the MOM will be held March 20th & 21st at the O'Neill Center at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. Volunteer Registration opens November 1st. Members were encourages to volunteer and special thanks to all endodontists who volunteered and to Dr. Bruce Cha for his fine job organizing and running this effort. Dr. Bruce Cha's efforts resulted in more rotary engines, handpieces and even a microscope. Dr. Cha thanked all participants and endo residents from UConn. He also thanked Dr. Hyman who sets the tone and inspires us at the MOM.
    Question was posed to Dr. Cha about insurance coverage at the MOM. All providers carry their own individual policies and residents are covered by the school.
  8. Anyone interested in becoming our next Secretary/Treasurer please let Dr. Balla know as elections will be held at the Spring 2015 meeting.
  9. AAE updates were discussed.
    • District II Director is presently Dr. Craig Herschberg from NJ and will soon be Dr. Maria Maranga from NY. In 2016 the position returns to CT. Please start thinking about volunteering for that position.
    • We have a new AAE Executive director Dr. Peter Weber who replaced the interim director Dr. Gary Hartwell.
    • 2013 AAE Member needs survey results are in at It is a 15 page report that is easy to download for anyone who is interested.
    • October 15th the AAE sent out an email with infection control information titled "Guidance to Dental Professions on Ebola virus."
  10. Dr. Balla made a motion to have the CAE's support for Dr. MacDonnell with his next resolution to create a task force to develop mobile or portable sedation permits for qualified mobile anesthesiologists. Motion was seconded and passed by 2/3rd majority.


Dr. Stephen Niemczyk was introduced and gave an informative lecture on "Changing Technologies and Techniques of the Modern Endodontic Practice."

Dr. Balla thanked Dr. Niemczyk for an invigorating presentation and he thanked Greg Milo from Tulsa for making the evening possible.

Adjournment was at 8:49PM.


The account balance as of May 13, 2015 is: $7149.27

Submitted by: Dr. Ema C. Burke

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