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Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Minutes from CAE Fall 2013 Meeting:

The evening session was called to order by President Robert Balla at 6:20pm and was closed at 8:45pm.

Dr. Cabral Burke presented the minutes from the Spring 2013 meeting.

The following was covered at the Fall 2013 Meeting

A. Dr. Brian Amoroso organized a CSDA/CAE endodontic course on November 13th, 2013 at the Southington Aqua Turf. There were 4 main topics & lecturers.

1. Dr. Bruce Cha: "To Treat or Not to Treat"
2. Dr. Frank Seltzer: "Endodontics & Implants...The Endodontic Perspective"
3. Dr. Seymour Melnick: "The Necessity of Endodontic Treatment Planning"
4. Dr. Martin Ungar: "Cleaning & Shaping Canals"

B. Dr. Bruce Cha organized lunch and learn presentations to run 5-10 minutes between the morning and afternoon lecture sessions. Volunteers were:

1. Dr. Amoroso-Spoke on microscopes
2. Dr. Bauer-Discussed restoring the endodontically treated tooth
3. Dr. Burkard-Spoke on Cone Beam Technology
4. Dr. Cha- presented cases
5. Dr. Desrosiers-Discussed single vs multiple visit RC Therapy
6. Dr. Balla-Discussed Cracked teeth & vertical root fractures
7. 3 Uconn Residents-Discussed their research projects along with Endo Autotransplantation

C. The Website Committee reported that our website is alive and well and all should visit and browse.

D. Dr. Balla sadly reported on the loss of our dear friend & colleague Dr. Adolph Bushell. Dr. Bushell was honored with a moment of silence. Also, the Communique newsletter had a nice article in tribute to Dr.Bushell.

E. Dr. Rekha Pawar, a 2011 graduate of the UConn Endo program, was introduced and welcomed as our newest member.

F. Dr. Ken Sunshine was thanked and recognized for his hard work the past three years as District II Director.

G. Dr.Sunshine reported back on the AAE in Hawaii and discussed how in 2016 we will again need someone from CT for this position. Our new District II Director will be Dr. Craig Hirschberg from Newark NJ. Dr. Sunshine also reported that the AAE has come up with a microscope syllabus, and 2014 Symposium with the perio/prosth Academy "Saving Natural Teeth" which could be of interest to our group.

Dr. Sunshine also reported on Board actions from the AAE meeting where AAE committee nominations were discussed and any interested members were asked to submit their names for consideration by Friday, November 8, 2013 by going to or by calling Dr.Sunshine.

H. 2013 Mission of Mercy was discussed. It was held on June 7th and June 8th at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. Dr. Bruce Cha ran the endodontic clinic and there were 19 endodontists who volunteered. Endodontic procedures performed were:

14 Anteriors
61 Bicuspids
14 Molars
6 Pulpotomies

for a total value of donated endodontics totaling: $98,980.00.

I. The 2014 M.O.M. was tentatively scheduled for April 25th and 26th, most likely at Hartford XL Center due in great part to support from Senator Chris Murphy.

J. Dr. Mark Desrosiers spoke about

1. M.O.M. and how it builds relationships with politicians like Senator Murphy who had witnessed a previous M.O.M. and helped secure the XL Center
2. Contributing to the AAE whether it be contributing to the foundation financially, becoming a Diplomat or becoming a delegate to make sure our specialty remains strong and recognized.
3. He also spoke about how medicaid providers are being audited so everyone should make sure things are in order and to contact him with any questions.

K. A short M.O.M. video was presented.

L. Mr. Paul Vigario was introduced as guest lecturer and gave a very informational lecture on "Utilizing Technology in the 21st Century Endo Practice".

M. The 2014 Spring meeting was announced. It was scheduled for April 1st, 2014 from 6:00-9:00PM. Dr. Martin Trope would present a lecture on "Evidence Based Dentistry in Private Practice". Sponsored by Brasseler.

N. Motion to adjourn at 8:11PM

Treasurer's Report: The account balance as of April 1st, 2014 is:

Dr. Ema C. Burke

Asset 1 Asset 2 Asset 3 Asset 4 Asset 5