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Spring 2012

Minutes from CAE Spring 2012 Meeting:

The meeting began at 6:31pm at the Hawthorne Inn with a tribute to Dr. Adolf Bushnell. His career accomplishments were listed by Brian Amoroso and Ken Sunhine and he received applause for all his contributions to the specialty over the years.

Dr. Chen introduced the residents of University of Connecticut graduate program in endodontics. Dr. Amoroso honored Dr. Ken Sunshine’s work as District II representative and his service for the AAE. Dr. Sunshine gave information about raising funds for AAE research and education grants. He informed us of the Boston AAE meeting which was the largest registration in the history of the AAE. The nominating committee is to elect the replacement for Dr. Sunshine at eh board meeting in Hawaii. He said that Connecticut will get a representative again in 2016 and urged us to take part in that regard. He also advised on the formation of the Single Use Endo Instrument committee.

Dr. Mark DeRosier informed us that the CSDA is busy working on our behalf and that this year there will be a development of oral health care providers to present bills to legistlators. Unfortunately our proposal was opposed by hygienists and what was presented was a combined bill that incorporated expanded services that we opposed and was defeated on March 28th. (It was House Bill 5531 concerning ADHP) Dr. Amoroso urges us to reach out to our legistlators to give our viewpoints and opinions in this matter.

Dr. Bruce Cha gave a summary of the Mission of Mercy 2012 that took place in Danbury. He informed of everyone’s participation, especially the residents of UConn and Dr. Gerry Hyman.

Dr. Amoroso requested participation in the content of our new website and played the NPR audio report of reporter Alissa Eli’s rather pleasant experience at an endodontist’s office.

The next meeting is to take place on October 24, 2012 at the Hawthorne Inn and will be on the topic of Endodontic Record Keeping.

Dr. Ali Nasseh then presented on Bioceramic and its applicability as an endodontic sealer.

The meeting concluded at 9:29pm.

Moin Ahmed DDS
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