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Minutes from CAE Spring 2013 Meeting:

The spring meeting was called to order by President Brian Amoroso at 6:30PM. A lecture was given by Dr. Hank Schiffman and the lecture topic was “The Potentials of Non-Surgical Retreatment.”

Dr. Balla presented the minutes of the meeting and the following was covered:

  • Mr. John Pintoro from Global spoke regarding the new LED light that is available that eliminates cords. He went over pricing and warranty. 
  • UConn post-graduate residents were well represented, Dr.Safavi could not attend. The UConn Endo Association paid for their dinners. 
  • Dr.Ken Sunshine will be replaced by Dr. Craig Herschberg from NJ as the District II Director. In 2016 the position returns to CT so we need to start thinking about someone for that position. 
  • Every few years we are required to certify our x-ray units. CT requires that be done by a radiation physicist. Forms were made available with the name of a physicist that had come highly recommended by a CAE member. Information is also available by e-mailing Dr. Amoroso. 
  • Lunch & Learn concept was discussed for November 13, 2013 for the upcoming CSDA meeting.

Nominating Committee proposed Dr. Robert Balla assume position of V.P./President & Dr. Ema Cabral Burke be nominated for Secretary/Treasurer. Nominations were entertained on the floor and were unopposed. Both Dr. Robert Balla & Dr. Ema Cabral Burke were elected to those respective positions of the CAE. (23 members were present and 6 proxy votes were secured to yield a quorum).

Dr. Balla made announcement about AAE convention in Hawaii that was the week to follow April 16th – 20th.

Dr. Balla discussed Mission of Mercy that was to be held June 7th and 8th 2013 at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT. Dr. Bruce Cha would be in charge of the endodontic clinic. Dr. Cha urged people to volunteer as more help was still needed and recommended doctors bring their own staff as staff is not allowed to sign up without their dentist. Dr. Cha also thanked the many UConn residents who participated in the 2012 Mission of Mercy. 5 chairs were being supplied by Sybron Endo & 5 chairs were being supplied by Dentsply. Dr. Phillip Mascia & Dr. Balla both spoke about how rewarding it was for them and their staff to participate in the MOM. The hope is that more endodontists would volunteer in 2013 so that fewer general dentists would be performing endodontics.

President Balla in conjunction with the Hartford Dental Society has secured Dr. Martin Trope for the 2014 Spring meeting on April 8th, 2014.

Newly elected President Balla thanked Dr. Brian Amoroso for his excellent job as past president of the CAE. Dr. Amoroso was recognized with a plaque for his dedication and unselfish service & leadership to the CAE.

President Robert Balla gave a heartfelt speech about how he has been practicing in CT for 24 years and has always felt welcome and how honored he is to accept the position of president of the CAE.

And for the Treasurer’s report: The beginning balance as of April 10, 2013 was $6761.90 and the ending balance as of today October 23, 2013 is $7690.21.

The Spring Meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM and motion was accepted.

Dr. Ema Cabral Burke.

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